Ardo FAQ's


How do I choose the right breastpump? 


For long-term, frequent use in either the home or work environment, the Carum hospital grade electric breast pump is ideal.  The Carum is perfect for parents establishing a supply, intending to express for multiple children, or pumping for children in hospital or care.  The Carum can be used as a single or double pump.  The Carum can be purchased here or hired. 


For frequent expressing and parents travelling or returning to work, the Ardo Calypso electric breast pump is recommended.  This efficient pump can be used as a single or double pump, is lightweight and easy to assemble.   


For occasional use, the Amaryll manual pump handle is an excellent stand-alone unit or can be used in conjunction with any of the Ardo electric breast pumps.   


All Ardo accessories can be used with any of the Ardo pumps, making for a simple transition at every stage of your pumping journey.  


What is the let-down reflex? 


When you breastfeed, your baby's suckling motion stimulates nerves in your nipple. These nerves carry a message to your brain which then releases Oxytocin (the LOVE hormone). Oxytocin flows through your bloodstream to your breasts and causes tiny muscle cells around your milk glands to squeeze milk out of the glands and into the milk ducts. This is known as the let-down reflex or the milk ejection reflex. 


When babies first latch, they suckle with short, rapid sucking motions and low suction, initiating the let-down response.  You can replicate this motion with your Ardo breast pump by starting with a high cycles and low vacuum.  These two functions are totally separate and customisable and can be changed at any time during a pumping session. When let-down occurs, lower the cycles and strengthen the vacuum until you find a comfortable level for you.  Some parents report being able to stimulate this let-down response multiple times during an expressing session.  


If you are not attaining let down, this can be encouraged by skin-to-skin contact with your baby, massaging your breasts, applying a warm compress to your breasts, using a photo or video of your baby (if you are away from your baby).  Contact the ABA, a midwife, or Lactation Consultant for help with this. 


How do I choose the right Breast Shell size? 


An incorrectly sized breast shell can be painful and prevent efficient pumping.  The correct sized breast shell will ensure your nipple moves freely in the funnel with very little areola tissue, and your breast should feel soft everywhere after expressing. 


Ardo offers the following breast shell size range: 

22mm insert (fits 26mm breast shell) 

26mm breast shell 

28mm insert (fits 31mm breast shell) 

31mm breast shell 

36mm breast shell  


What do I do if there is low or no suction on the electric breastpumps? 


Check the function of your pump by performing the following troubleshooting steps: 

  1. If you are single pumping, is the tube connector plug closed?
  2. Is the membrane (the silicone pot under the pump set lid) moving freely, not getting caught in the lid?  Is the membrane free from any holes or tears?  
  3. Is the pump set lid connected securely? 
  4. Is the tube straight and free from any kinks, holes or tears?  
  5. Is the lip valve connected to the breast shell free from holes or tears?


If you have completed the previous steps and still experiencing reduced suction, please contact us on 1300 GO ARDO (1300 46 2736), or 


How do I clean a Pumpset? 

Only the parts that come into contact with your milk need cleaning after every pumping session.  Rinse with cold water first, and then immerse in warm soapy water (your normal dishwashing liquid is perfect).  Use a soft brush to clean all hard plastic parts, and only use your hands to gently clean the delicate silicone parts.   


To sterilise these parts, you can use one of the following four methods:  


  1. Use Ardo Easy Clean Microwave Bags for quick, easy cleaning at home or out and about. 
  2. Electronic or Microwave Steam steriliser, following the manufacturer instructions.
  3. Total immersion in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes.
  4. Cold water sterilisation, following the instructions on the sterilising fluid or tablets.


What materials are your bottles made from? 

All Ardo plastic bottles are manufactured exclusively from material free of Bisphenol-A (BPA).  We also offer 150ml glass bottles as an eco-friendly alternative 150ml.  All bottles are interchangeable between pump sets and breast pumps.  


How often do I need to express? 


If you are building a milk supply to exclusively express, it is recommended to express at least eight times in 24 hours, including at least once overnight.  The more frequently you express, the more milk your body will know to produce.  Short sessions between 20 and 30 minutes can be incredibly effective, especially when using a double electric pump.   


If you are combining breastfeeding and expressing, you can express whenever is convenient.  Some parents find it useful to express during or straight after a feed. 


Will I produce enough breast milk? 


The more you breastfeed and express, the more milk you will make.  Frequent, effective milk removal will trigger your body to produce more milk.  Contact an ABA counsellor, your midwife or engage a lactation consultant if you are concerned about your supply.  


How can I store breast milk? 


Pump directly into Ardo Easy Freeze bags (180ml) or transfer milk into Ardo Easy Store bags (180ml).  Both bags are pre-sterilised, stackable, leak-resistant, and double-walled to protect from any odours or flavours in the fridge or freezer.  Both are Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Plasticizer (PVC) free.  


Expressed milk storage: 

Refrigerator (4 - 6°C) – up to 3 days  

Freezer – up to three months 

Deep-freeze – up to 12 months 



How do I defrost frozen breast milk? 

Thaw frozen breast milk overnight in the fridge, run under warm water, or place in a bowl of warm water.  The Ardo Easy Freeze Bag has an integrated temperature indicator to show when the milk is warm.  

Your milk can separate during the thawing process.  Swirl warmed milk gently to reintegrate the milk fat with the liquid.  




If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us on or 1300 GO ARDO (1300 462 736).