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At Ardo we understand the needs of a new mum, and we know how overwhelming having a newborn can be. Browse our range of help videos below, written and presented by experienced Lactation Consultant, Emma Pickett.

How to's Storage

Achieve more breastmilk, top tips to make you elated

Pumps How to's

See and touch all the great parts you get in the Calypso

Motherhood Breastfeeding

All you need to know about storing breast milk

Motherhood Breastfeeding

Divulging the secrets of breast shell sizing

Motherhood Breastfeeding

Insider knowledge on the benefits of single vs double pumping

Pumps How to's

Opening your Ardo Carum breastpump and what's in the box

Motherhood Breastfeeding

See and touch all the great parts you get in the Calypso-to-go

Motherhood Breastfeeding

Opening your Calypso breastpump and what's in the box

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