Ardo Testimonials


Colette G - Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

"I would definitely recommend this as a fantastic electric breast pump…"

I decided on purchasing a new pump as was finding my tommee tippee one was cracking and hurting my nipples.

I am very pleased with this pump so far. It is very quiet and the settings on it are fantastic as my previous one did not have this only 3 setting to adjust the length of vacuum that is all. I also feel this does not hurt and produces more milk. Trying to pump both sides can be tricky though.

I would definitely recommend this as a fantastic electric breast pump to anyone who asked. Staff were very helpful on the phone and my pump arrived swiftly next morning.

Thank you ARDO!



Josephine - Carum Breastpump Hire

"I used this breastpump as a double pump for several months towards the end of my breast feeding journey. My daughter was born 8 weeks early and we never managed to breast feed properly so I exclusively expressed breast milk for her for 11 months. I was renting a hospital grade pump to start with but I also needed a smaller more portable pump for weekends away and for whilst working the odd keeping in touch day at work. This pump works great for me. It is quiet, quick to set up and easy to clean. I got good let down and was able to pump as quickly as when I was using the hospital grade machine. I would highly recommend this pump to all mums. I just wish I had brought this pump right at the beginning. I found the customer service to be excellent and the price of the pump to be very competitive over other brands particularly for a double pump with a closed hygienic system. Exclusively expressing breast milk is very hard work and this pump made my life a lot easier."


chloewitters - Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

"Best breast pump I've used - quiet and efficient…"

The Calypso is super quiet (nothing like an awkwardly loud revving noise to alert everyone in the nearby vicinity to the fact that you are expressing!), and more than enough power for an occasional user like myself.

Double pumping is so much quicker, I don't think I'll ever go back to a single pump. I also LOVE that Ardo pumps are WHO compliant and have a closed valve system - meaning they can be used for more than one baby or sold on with no risk that the milk will be contaminated.


tags106 - Calypso Single Breast Pump

"Easy to use, portable.…"

I bought this the day I left hospital with baby. Without it I wouldn't have been able to breastfeed. I used it mostly mains operated, but found the battery operation just as effective. Customer service from ARDO was excellent when I had a slight problem with the unit. It was discreet enough to use to express once I returned to work. Very happy with the pump and accessories.


dellymair - Calypso Single Breast Pump

"A great pump!…"

I really recommend this pump for a number of reasons. It is quiet and efficient to use and I found it much better than other pumps I had tried previously as it there a variety of cup sizes available. I really like that it is so light and compact and is easy to transport to work/when travelling. It is great that you can buy attachments to make it into a double pump. For me, one of the main selling points was that it has a 'closed system' pump which ensures that the whole system is kept sterile. I also found the staff at Ardo extremely helpful when I called up with questions.


anya2811 - Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

"Without this pump I would have given up…"

I was given the details of ARDO after having my first child. Breastfeeding was always going to be a challenge due to inverted nipples and ARDO was the only brand I could find that had easily available larger (36mm) breast shells. I found in hospital that smaller ones caused friction and were painful.

I initially bought a cheaper handheld other brand version but found it too much of an effort squeezing the pump and it hurt my wrist.

The ARDO Calypso pump is electric and so much less effort for me. It is similar to the one used in hospital and when I worked out the cost of buying formula for my baby over the next year it pays for itself and then some.

After a few weeks I was confident to buy another breast shell. The Calypso is easily adaptable to go from single to double pumping. This was the best decision I made as it saves so much time and pumping each breast at the same time seems to increase milk production.

Without this pump I would have given up by now!!


Buttercup25 - Calypso Breast Pump

"Great product, very user friendly…"

The hospital lent me this pump when my baby was in hospital and I thought it was so good that I bought myself one. It's really easy to use and also encourages milk production so I was never short of milk. Would highly recommend.

JoMottaghi - Calypso Breast Pump

"Easy to use and comfortable…"

Easy to use and feels comfortable. It helped me increase my milk supply in the first 6 weeks and now it means I can go swimming and have a night out. Really glad I got it.


mhaslett23 - Calypso Breast Pump

"Easy to use, quiet and comfortable... great buy for any mum…"

This breast pump is a really good investment for any mummy who might need to express and feels they don’t really have the time. It’s easy to use, good quality and very effective; I can normally express in just 10 minutes. Even though I predominantly breast feed, it’s not always possible and being able to express quickly means I don’t find it a hassle.

The Calypso Electric Breast Pump has over 60 different combinations of settings which means that you can adjust it to best suit you and your needs (these may change as your baby gets older). I have found this setting useful as it has enabled me to find a comfortable yet super effective setting – other pumps which aren’t this flexible left me feeling sore and not wanting to express; I never felt like I managed to express as much as I can with the Calypso.

The pump itself is very quiet and means I can finally sit down at the end of a long day and watch some T.V. without having any irritating noises disrupting me; my husband doesn’t even notice the noise. I would be able to express in the same room as my baby with this pump without the fear of waking her. If you needed to express while out, it would be very discreet soundwise – I still wouldn’t do it sat on the tube but if you have to express at work it wouldn’t be obvious what you were doing.

I also love the fact that it uses silicone membrane pots to ensure that the milk doesn’t get into the tubes as this could get very messy. Because the pots keep the milk in the right places, it means that washing and sterilising the bottle and breast shells is really easy but most importantly it means that the milk you express is less likely to become contaminated.

The pump comes with a range of different sized breast shells and inserts to make the experience as comfortable as possible; while this may seem like a waste, I am glad to get the choice as it makes expressing more effective and therefore reduces the time it takes.

To make this pump more flexible, you get the option to run it off of batteries or mains; I have never needed to use the batteries option so don’t know if this affects its suction or not. The one thing this product could use is a carry case to keep it all together. Because I use the pump every night (my daughter has stopped having her 10pm feed) I want to keep it to hand but feel I need to pack it up every night. If it came with a carry case, this would solve the problem."


Sarahadams123 - Calypso Breast Pump

"brilliant breast pump - well worth the money!!!!!!…"

I had been looking for a decent breast pump for a while and tried many different ones. This is the best one!!! The bag is also great!! it is well worth the money as it has reduced the time I spend expressing :-)


Spoonpaws - Calypso Breast Pump

"After using the Ameda Elite in hospital with my second…"

After using the Ameda Elite in hospital with my second little one, I realised the difference that a good breastpump makes to expressing milk. After a bit of research I decided to get the Ardo Calypso, and I haven't been disappointed! I like the fact that it's easy to tailor the the speed and strength of the pump to get milk flowing quickly and easily. Its also fairly quiet which is great, and I like the fact that I can simply convert it to a double pump with the upgrade kit I got with it. I'm able to get a whole bottle of milk in less than 10 minutes which is a massive difference to my previous electric pump which could take 30 minutes or longer. The pumping unit itself is larger than I'm used to and not as portable, although it would be reasonably easy to take out and about if I needed to. A carry bag would have been a plus. The availability of different size breast shields is also great, and the breast shields and collection bottles are easy to clean and sterilise. Overall this is a great pump and I'd strongly recommend it.


Georgie2010 - Calypso Breast Pump

"Really easy and simple to use for a first time…"

Really easy and simple to use for a first time pumper like me ! Very comfortable too - highly recommend.


tourmaline11 - Calypso Breast Pump

"Quiet, comfortable and every bit as powerful as the Ameda…"

 Quiet, comfortable and every bit as powerful as the Ameda Elite I used in hospital. Simple and unfussy to use. Easy to wash up and sterilise too. Switches easily to a double pump by adding the


Mrs. Giulia Clifford "Julia" - Calypso Double Electric Breast Pump

"Great Pump!"

I had to express to increase my milk supply and using a manual pump was becoming very painful (I was developing thumb muscles). This pump works very similarly to the one in the hospital. I just wish it worked better with batteries as I couldnt really make it work with batteries only with the electricity. But overall it's a great pump I managed to express up to 8oz while manually I would only do max 3 or 4.


J. Young "jmy" - Calypso Double Electric Breast Pump

"Excellent Pump!"

I debated endlessly about which pump to use, but I knew I wanted one with a closed system. It came down to this one or the Ameda Lactaline. I went with this one, and I'm really happy I did.

It's very quiet, and the bag is excellent - not the easiest to carry on one arm, but it's perfect to take all the required stuff to work. I like that it comes with bag for the milk and the freezer packs. I have found 4 bottles are sufficient for me for one day at work, and I can put the pump sets in a ziploc bag and it all fits in the insulated bag. I just leave that in my work fridge, and I don't worry that anyone will mistake my milk for regular milk for their tea!

When I first got the pump, the pump set didn't fit me at all. I was very worried, but I talked to Ardo and ordered a smaller insert for the pump. Once I had that, it's been great. I can regularly get 5-8 ounces per pumping session. I ordered replacement valves after about 3-4 months of heavy use, as my production per session with just the pump had dipped so I had to hand express more at the end of each session. With the new valves, I'm back to getting as much with the pump.

The shipping seemed expensive to me, but it was next day courier delivery, so I understood why it was so much. Overall, I am delighted with this product!


Saurabh Singhvi - Calypso Double Electric Breast Pump

Excellent Economical Solution

(Review on behalf of wife)

Before I provide feedback on this I must point out that we had the got the medela symphony pump on rental from the local babyshop as it's supposed to the best product.

However, since the baby needed to have more milk than he was sucking we decided to get one permanently. My wife was satisfied with the medela but ever since we got this she is absolutely delighted! The product is really comfortable for her and the express milking is on par with the hospital grade medela.

The best part is the way the bottle is designed. With the medela she had to tilt forward while the pump worked and that caused her discomfort in the back. This one is excellent with the tilt in the cup to the bottle, there is no need for to bend towards the bottle and she is much more relaxed during the process!

Did I mention that this is really quiet? The medela was not loud but this one is a really silent machine! There is minimal noise from the pump.

It is also much very compact and can run on batteries. So you don't need to have a manual pump when you are not at home. (of course you are not supposed to use it outdoors as mentioned in the manual but not all indoor locations provide you with a convenient socket to use!)

Not only is the pump great in use, it is also not expensive in comparison to the Philips or Medela dual options!

A must have for all nursing mothers!


Meena - Calypso Double Electric Breast Pump

"Great support from Ardo!"

Thank you so much for excellent services. I've gotten this item next day since I've dropped a message asking for dispatching due to I will fly to my home town in next 5 days. They are really care what customer needs. Thank you very much again Ardo team!